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Simple Salon Solutions Guidebook

Simple Salon Solutions Guidebook

Gaining confidence is an important growth step for any new manager. We all want to do a good job and create success for the whole salon. When it seems like chaos and confusion are lurking around every leadership corner, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed. But you don’t have to keep struggling!


I believe that simple systems are the best way to build your confidence and create a healthy team. That’s why I developed the “Simple Salon Solutions” Guidebook for new and emerging industry leaders. As you work through each of the 9 modules, you’ll be directed to a workbook where you can create policies for YOUR salon. When you’ve completed the guidebook you’ll have created a Staff Manual for your salon. 


I’ve made it super easy for you:

  • Click to Buy

  • Follow the PayPal Prompts 

  • You'll be returned to the Thank You Page and click the "DOWNLOAD" button

  • Download your “Simple Salon Solutions” Guidebook (112 pages including a workspace)

  • Work through each of the short modules

  • Share your manual with your staff to clarify the path to success for you and your team.


So make the small investment to save your sanity! Work at your own pace to develop policies and systems that lead to success for you and your people. Stop lying awake at night worried about what might be falling through the cracks. You love this industry - and you can love managing too!

  • Guide + Workbook = YOUR Salon Manual

    “Simple Salon Solutions”
    A Step by Step Guide to Build a Successful Salon (PDF Download)

    • ​9 Simple Modules with a corresponding workbook
    • When you’ve finished the modules, you’ll have your own Salon Manual to keep you and your staff unified and successful

    • An affordable “Coach in a Box” starting point!

$499.00 Regular Price
$49.99Sale Price
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