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I love leading leaders!

I’m so glad you’re here. I understand and respect coming to a place where you realize how much you’ll benefit from coaching and support. I wish I had done so when I was starting - it would have saved me so many sleepless nights. Just by connecting, you are establishing yourself as a growing leader. Reaching out is the first step in reaching your goals!

I love coaching because I have the privilege of coming alongside someone who wants to grow. I get to mentor them as they become their own hero, moving their life in the direction they want to go. It’s helping them to deal, feel, and heal as they celebrate life’s success and navigate life’s valleys. I take people right where they are at and help give them a clear vision that will drive them to their destination and, most of all, teach them to enjoy the ride no matter what storms of life may pass. I’ve learned that life will always come at you in seasons. Life happens. It’s our job to manage it. It’s good management of bad experiences that lead to great growth. (John Maxwell) My job is to help you learn to manage your distress to find your success and become the best version of yourself.

I coach with this in mind: your personal development and your professional development are intertwined. Everything you learn as a business leader will impact your personal growth. Every step you take to grow as a person will make you a better leader. 

Coach Kimmy Page

Here’s the thing we need to fix:


As leaders (and human beings), we tend to complicate processes and simplify our understanding of people. In my coaching, I help clients flip that. 


  1. We create simple systems to take care of business.

  2. We take time and care to deepen our understanding of our people to develop their full potential.


THAT is where we find success for our salon and the individuals within it. Building your business on those two principles will bring success with much more ease.


A little more about me...

I am constantly striving to grow, push, and gain more. My main goals are to bless and touch people’s lives with compassion, help make a difference, look for the good in everything, and leave every person better than they were when I found them. I believe love, safety, and trust change everything. As a coach, I want you to feel and know that I will always have your best interest at heart. You matter. My job is to help you build and grow your confidence. When you stand more firmly in your leadership, you impact those around you and abundance flows. 

To Your Success as you Lead Beautifully,


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Certified John Maxwell Trainer
Certified DISC Certified Consultant
Business Coach, Author, Speaker
Master Stylist 
Owner of Modern Tekniques Salon, Shrewsbury, New Jersey

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